Our Facilities

the BALLROOM integrates the latest digital projection technology on a mega screen
with a sound system similiar to the ones used for the Grammy Award and Oscar Ceremonies.
All equipments are synchronized to the emphisize the accoustics in live performances and capitalize on pre-recorded and broadcast events.
Elegance, technology, efficiency and courtesy are combined to make the BALLROOM the perfect venue for your gatherings and banquets.





Sound system

the Ballroom equipped with the latest flagship speaker system from Meyer Sound. The System designed and optimized to get even coverage from the front seat to the back seat. And the linearity of the speaker system ensures good sound quality no matter what kind of music being played. Whether you're reproducing classical music, heavy metal, or anything in between, a linear system allows the audience to hear each instrument vocals, bass, sax, drums, guitar simultaneously, without any element coloring the other.


lighting system

the Ballroom equipped with top class lighting fixtures including Varilite, Robert Juliat, Avolites, etc. All the fixtures are controllable and can be programmed to suit your event needs.



multimedia system

the Ballroom equipped with a Giant Screen and Digital Projection System. Our screen size is 16 meter x 9 meter, the biggest one from a stage. And the 35000 lumen Digital Projection System ensures the picture on screen to have a sharp focus, enough brightness and sharpness.


video system

HD Video Production System comes as a standard in the Ballroom. Wheter it is a wedding, corporate event, Concert, etc, all the moments captured in High Definition Video format to give you the best documentation of the event.